Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Project Twilight Bungalow

Until recently I never really gave this camper a second look or really even a second thought. Then as of Monday I gave myself three short weeks to revamp the inside and get this show on the road! My idea was to make this thing a funky and fun way to travel that was unique and one of a kind.

My vision is to have a vintage kitch shabby chic travel theme! Now it's up to me to try to pull these different design ideas and make them work together. I had been hoarding vintage maps and funky old vacation postcards for a long time and thought that somehow I could incorporate them into this camper and thought why not decoupage the walls with them. The cabinet fronts and a few of the walls painted a pale aqua, and the refrigerator had to be painted with chalk board paint for notes and menus. Retro polka dotted fabric covered headboards, striped, floral, and burlap pillowcases with some old lace mixed in and for bedding I had to use my great grandmothers shabby chic quilts.

For the kitchen I have this idea of using many vintage mason jars, tins, enamelware, vintage aprons, and for table ware nothing but teal Texas Ware melamine would do!

I plan on packing a few vintage Samsonite suitcases full of arts and craft supplies, stationary, games, playing cards, dice, and anything I can think of that is small that will keep us entertained.

I am going to make a handmade journal that we can use to document every trip that we take with this camper. On the walls I incorporated vintage maps form Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma because these are the places we are most likely to be visiting and my idea is to place a pin in every place that we go.

Eventually I would like to paint the stripe down the outside of this camper turquoise instead of the olive green that is currently there.

This will be my home away from home and my playhouse when I am at home.

As a way to keep me motivated I found a small group of women who agreed to make something every single day with their very own hands. We are working Monday through Friday and are giving ourselves the weekends off. You can follow us on Twitter using the hashtag #onemonthtwohands

BEFORE: Oh so boring......

Day 1 Project Twilight Bungalow: Maps go up!

Day 2 Project Twilight Bungalow: Paint Goes on!

Day 3 Project Twilight Bungalow: New polka dotted fabric upholstery!