Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Several years ago we purchased a large two story farmhouse on 7 acres on the plains of Kansas and thus began my obsession for antiques. This also helped spark my obsession for a great auction and my endless passion for scoping out as many antique shops and thrift shops as I can find all over the state of Kansas.

A lot of my purchases are often pieces that have the potential to be used for another purpose other than their original uses. For instance...an old chicken waterer or feeder with a good old glass jar becomes a great storage unit for craft supplies. Old antique insulators become paperweights and an old primitive wooden chicken feeder becomes a great way to organize your pens, pencils, and much much more. Old wooden trunks are great for storing quilts and I also keep one right by the back door to collect shoes.

And, because this farmhouse came complete with a Royal KMM from the 1940s I have also become obsessed with a great functioning typewriter! I am constantly looking for these and am always excited to come across them! I spend hours cleaning, oiling, installing new ribbons, and using these.

I am very excited to be able to share some of my collection with you and help you with some creative new uses for old well loved treasures!

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